Regenerative Medicine and Advanced Diagnostics

Regenerative Medicine is a relatively new topic that has generated tremendous interest in human and equine medical fields. Stem Cells are probably the first types of treatment that most people think of under this topic, but there are others with equally exciting benefits. In the following article I will delve into these treatments and explain how they are revolutionizing our approach to recovering horses with lameness issues.

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Osphos and Tildren

These two drugs are doing more to revolutionize the treatment and management of equine bone and joint disease than any other. Up until recently the FDA has made it difficult to access Tildren as it could only be imported through a special process. Most of the early work with Tildren had been conducted in Europe. The good news is that now both medications are available in the US which will be of tremendous benefit to numerous horses. The treatment protocols have changed with time, but the enthusiasm for these medications has grown immensely.

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Pre-Purchase Exams

Pre-purchase exams are performed as an aid to help the purchaser make an informed decision on the suitability of a horse prior to purchase. There are numerous factors that may affect the decision making process, such as whether the horse has done the type of work intended, whether it has physical or training limitations, whether it will be a suitable investment and whether any of the problems uncovered during an exam can be managed in the future.

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